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Why You Shouldn't Wax at Home

Thanks to endless DIY tutorials on websites and blogs, we're handling a lot more stuff on our own these days—from furniture building to changing our own oil, but one thing that we shouldn't attempt to DIY is waxing body hair. There are numerous at-home waxing kits and DIY tutorials about how to best wax your body hair off at home, but the truth is that you're never going to get the same results as you can in the studio with a professional. Here’s why you should always go to a pro for waxing.

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The 5 Biggest Eyebrow Mistakes

Eyebrows are one of the most defining features on your face. When your brows are looking good, they can help bring focus toward your gorgeous eyes and frame your face. But when your brows are too thin, not arched right, or too dark for your complexion, they can really detract from what you've got going on. Here are the five biggest eyebrow mistakes you can make—and how to fix them. 

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