How to Take Care of Your Eyelashes

A close up of a woman's eyelashes

A close up of a woman's eyelashes

It seems like the only time that we think about our eyelashes in our beauty routine is when we are dissatisfied with them. ("My eyelashes are too short." "My eyelashes don't curl enough." "My eyelashes are too light.")

Although sky-high eyelashes make your eyes pop, they also serve a utilitarian purpose. According to an article in the Los Angeles Times, eyelashes are designed to reduce airflow near the eyes. This reduction of airflow keeps evaporation from happening and prevents dust and other particles from getting into the surface of the eyes. Pretty amazing, right?

We do a lot to our poor eyelashes: We curl them, we put loads of mascara on them, and we sometimes forget to take off our makeup (whoops!). 

Let's learn about how to take care of our eyelashes. After all—they do so much for us!

Take Off Your Makeup Every Night

We get it: Sometimes you fall asleep on the couch and the last thing you want to do before you drag yourself to bed is take your makeup off. But whatever you do, no matter how tired you are, it's so important to take your makeup off every night. Not only can leaving makeup off build up bacteria on your face, but it can also dry out your eyelashes. Use a gentle, but effective makeup remover every night and finish with a moisturizing routine. 

Brush Out Your Eyelashes 

You may not wear makeup every day, but at the very least you should be brushing out your eyelashes to remove any dirt or debris. Bonus: This makes them look long and amazing!

Condition Your Eyelashes

You condition your hair and put lotion on your body, but we so often neglect to moisturize our eyelashes properly. Remedy this by putting a little bit of coconut oil or petroleum jelly and gently rubbing it on your eyelashes. Rinse well once you're done and apply makeup as normally. 

Disinfect Your Eyelash Curler

Some of us may not have been born with naturally full, long lashes and so we have to resort to using an eyelash curler to get the look we want. But one thing a lot of us neglect to do is to actually clean it off every day with disinfectant. Bacteria can build up on your eyelash curler and cause eye irritation, so be sure to clean this tool regularly. 

Have a Few Makeup-Free Days

We put our faces, and our eyes in particular, through a lot. Give your lashes some time off by having a few makeup-free days, which gives them the chance to rest for a minute. Trust us: Your lashes will thank you. 

Eyelash Extensions

Thinking about plumping up your lashes without the use of mascara or other products? Head to the Volume Eyelash Studio for an eyelash extension appointment!