Caring for Oily Skin 101

A shelf filled with skincare products

A shelf filled with skincare products

Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses when it comes to their skin. Some have irritatingly dry skin that flakes while others can't ever seem to get their skin looking dry, even if it's the dead of winter.

If you've struggled with oily skin you whole life, you may have a genetic predisposition to it—but you could be making it worse through your lifestyle choices. Let's learn the basics of caring for oily skin to get your skin looking dry, gorgeous, and best of all, healthy. 

Don't Be Afraid to Moisturize

You might not think that oily skin needs any additional moisture, but skipping this important skincare step can actually be pretty detrimental. Your skin's outer protective layer needs to be properly moisturized because it helps protect the rest of the layers from sun damage and bacteria. 

However, because you have oily skin you'll need to be careful about the kind of moisturizer you use. Instead of heavy, saturated lotions like shea or cocoa butter, look for lightweight lotions or serums containing hyaluronic acid or glycerin. This will be lighter on your face and won't overload it.

Don't Clog Your Face with the Wrong Kind of Makeup

If you have oily skin, your instinct might be to immediately put as much foundation on as you can in the mornings to hide your shine, but this could be making the issue worse. What's more is that certain kinds of heavy foundations can clog your pores and lead to break outs.

When you look for makeup, try to go for more powder-based foundations and choose things that have the words "oil-control" or "mattifying" as these are going to be more suited for your skin type. 

Find a Cleanser You Love

No matter what kind of skin type you have, it's crucial to find the right cleanser that's going to help get you healthy and glowing skin. And it might sound counterintuitive, but choosing a cleanser that has oil in it can actually help reduce oils on your face. A face wash with salicylic acid is also a good choice—these cleansers exfoliate and remove bacteria build-up on your skin. 

Consult a Professional

Oily skin can be tough to tackle on your own. Sometimes it's best to consult a professional who can help you determine a skincare plan and do deep cleansing treatments that you won't be able to do yourself at home.

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