The 5 Biggest Beauty Myths

An assortment of makeup brushes and makeup on a counter

An assortment of makeup brushes and makeup on a counter

There are millions of beauty blogs, vloggers, Instagram accounts, and magazine articles giving beauty advice—and not to mention our mothers (the ultimate source of beauty advice). But how do we know what's real and what's fake when it comes to the advice they give?

Here are the top five beauty myths that we've ever heard—debunked.

1. Your Brows Should Always Match Your Hair

Oh, where do we begin with this one? Some people have light eyebrows and dark hair. Some people have dark eyebrows and light hair. Both of these are fine. 

We're all about beautiful eyebrows, but we're also all about working with what you've got—and if what you've got is light eyebrows when your hair is dark, that's fine by us. 

2. A Base Tan Will Prevent a Sunburn

As much as we'd like to think that this beauty myth is true, the reality is that no matter what, when you go out into the sun you are risking a sunburn. Plus, sun exposure is so not good for your skin. In fact, a tan is actually a sign that your skin cells are damaged from the UV rays. 

3. You Shouldn't Put Lotion on Oily Skin

There's so much wrong with this myth. Although it's counterintuitive, oily skin actually needs moisturizing just as much as dry skin. However, if you have oily skin you'll need to be careful about the kind of moisturizer you use. Instead of heavy, saturated lotions like shea or cocoa butter, look for lightweight lotions or serums containing hyaluronic acid or glycerin. This will be lighter on your face and won't overload it.

4. To Help Your Hair Grow Faster. You Should Cut It 

We've always been told that in order to grow long, strong hair, we need to get our hair cut in order to refresh it and aid in its growth. This is so not true, according to beauty experts. It turns out that the best way to help your hair grow, you should take care of it by using restorative shampoo and cutting down on the number of times you wash it. Keep your hair trimmed regularly, but there's no need to get drastic with it to promote new growth. 

5. Wearing Makeup Daily Is Bad For Your Skin

It's good to skip a day of makeup every once in awhile—if nothing else but to save time—but, there's no basis that makeup is inherently bad for your skin. What actually causes skin issues is when you forget to take your makeup off or using faulty methods. (Not that any of us have ever been guilty of this.)

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