The 7 Basics of a Facial

A woman receiving a professional facial

A woman receiving a professional facial

A facial might seem like an extra, over-the-top beauty service that only wealthy people get to have a day of pampering—but a facial can actually be a very important part of a regimented skin routine. A professional facial can be used to help your battle with blackheads, find a remedy for anti-aging, and yes, it can be a very relaxing way to spend an afternoon.

If you’ve never gotten a facial before—or if it’s been awhile—here is a list of what to expect will happen during your professional facial appointment.


After you’ve gotten undressed to your level of comfort (typically shirt and bra off, and then you wrap yourself with a towel), your esthetician will come back into your room and begin your facial with a deep cleanse. She will typically use cotton balls or a special sponge to get your face all nice and clean.

Skin Analysis

One of the big benefits of getting a facial is that you finally have a skin care professional who can take a close look at your skin and analyze it. This will help you know what type of skin you have and how to best care for it. She will also look at any skin conditions that you have (blackheads, whiteheads, aging, sun damage, dehydration, etc.) and make recommendations for further care.


To loosen up any blackheads or whiteheads that may be lurking on your face and to give your skin some much-needed moisture, your esthetician will apply steam directly to your face—typically using a machine that will put a thin layer of vapor on your skin.


In the next step of a facial, your esthetician will start your process of exfoliation in order to make the skin a smoother surface. Exfoliation can be done in a mechanical or chemical way, with each having their benefits. A chemical exfoliation is usually done in a series of steps and is much stronger than a mechanical exfoliation.


If you are in need of any extractions—i.e. getting rid of those blackheads and whiteheads—you can opt to do so. However, if your skin doesn’t need this then this step will obviously be skipped.

Facial Massage

Now here comes the good part: Your esthetician will massage your face and neck in order to help you relax and also to stimulate the skin cells. Be sure to enjoy this part of the process!

Are you interested in schedule a professional facial? Whether you need to pamper or your skin is having some issues, Volume Eyelash Studio is here to help you with all of your skincare!