Services Pricing

Eyelash Extensions

A Classic Eyelash Extension 2 hours  @ $250

Classic Eyelash Extensions:

Add legit to your lashes by applying a synthetic Lash with diameter of 0.15 or 0.20 to one natural Lash. The Classic style is accomplished by applying ONE lash extensions to ONE natural lash. If you have 80 natural lashes, With classic lashes I will only be able to apply 80 lash extensions. This is why this style is not recommended for those with thin/few natural lashes.

A Russian Volume Lash Extension Full Set 2 hours @ $275

Russian Volume:

The Russian Volume style is accomplished when multiple lash extensions (2-6 hairs) are hand made, on-the-spot into a fan then adhered to ONE natural lash. If you have 80 natural lashes, you can now have double, triple, or up to sextuple the amount of eyelash extensions. What makes this technique so amazing is that the Russian Volume lash extensions are EXTREMELY thin! Meaning the weight of this technique is often less than or equal to the weight of a Classic eyelash extension.


Microblading 3 hours @ $600

Includes a pre-service consultation and one touch-up within 6–8 weeks of initial procedure.

Microblading before 6 months touch-up 1 hour @ $150.00

Microblading After 6 months Touch-up 1 hour 30 minutes @ $300.00

Microblading After 12 Months Touch-up 3 hours @ $400.00

Facial Treatment

Classic Facial Treatment 1 hour

A facial based on your unique skin needs. Rebalance, rejuvenate and restore your skin using natural ingredients. Includes extractions, massage, masque, lip or eye treatment and a customized masque or peel. Finishing touch with spf & hydrating powder.


Includes enzyme diamond head exfoliation, hydrating mask, lip and eye treatment with intense hydration and spf.

Express Facial 30 minutes

Deep cleanse, extractions and a soothing masque is included to target problem areas in need.

classic lash refill

Classic Lash Refill 3-4 weeks 1 hour 30 minutes

We will spend time 45 minutes on each eye. it recommends for clients who like the full looking. we will be able to put 45 extension on each eye.

Classic Lash Refill 2-3 Weeks 1 hour

30 minutes on each eye. We will touch-up for 30 lashes extension on each eye.

Classic Refill 1-2 Weeks 30 minutes

we will spend 15 minutes on each eye, and we will touch-up 15 extension on each eye. this type of refill it recommend for client who like to get a touch up for once a week.

Eyelash Extension Removal 30 minutes

Eyelash Extensions Removal

This takes around 30 minutes and usually costs around $30-$50, but this price can change depending on how easy or difficult the extensions are to remove. We apply a gel to your lashes that dissolves the adhesive used to attach the extensions to your natural lashes. We can then remove the lash extensions and leave you with your healthy natural lashes.

Volume Lash Refill

Volume Lash Refill 3-4 Weeks 3 hours

This type on touch-up will allow us to spend 45 minutes on each eye, and we will be able to put 200 lashes on each eye.

Volume Lash Refill 2-3 Weeks 1 hour

this type on refill will allow us to spend 30 minutes on each eye, and it will allow us to put 130 extension on each eye.

Volume Lash Refill 1-2 Weeks 30 minutes

This type of refill will allow us to spend 15 minutes on each eye, and it allow us to put 60 extension on each eye.


Classic Bikini Wax 30 minutes

Classic Bikini wax Removes only hair outside the panty line.

Brazilian Bikini Wax 50 minutes

Removes all hair in the front as well as labia hair. The tush is included, but optional. Optional landing strip or inverted triangle in the front, with no extra charge. “Landing strip” applies to the Brazilian waxing only.

Full Face Wax 50 minutes

This service is a package which includes the lip, chin, cheeks, forehead, sideburns and brow shaping.

Partial Face Wax 30 minutes

This service covers only the lower face including the lip, chin, sideburns, and cheeks.

Brow Makeover Wax 30 minutes

Includes consultation, brow design, shaping and trimming. You choose the method: tweezing, waxing or both. Get dramatic results.

Express Lip Wax 15 minutes

Express Chin Wax 15 minutes

Express Side Burns Wax 15 minutes

Express Neck Wax 15 minutes

Full Legs Wax 50 minutes

Bikini not included.

Upper Legs Wax 45 minutes

Bikini not included.

Lower Legs Wax 45 minutes

Removes knee hair down to the ankles, including the feet.

Full Arm Wax 45 minutes

Includes the hands up to the shoulder.

Partial Arm Wax 30 minutes

From the elbow down and includes the hands.

Underarms Wax 25 minutes